Sunday, 30 June 2013

Admiring a Job Well Done; in Quiet Desparation

Have you ever been very desperate to tell someone they did good work? Just because that is what you sincerely are thinking and you want them to know this? So they can feel at the core of their heart that they did something awesome?

I get that feeling sometimes when I've watched a movie for the first time that I really enjoyed, or it really impressed me. I want to turn to the staff and tell them: "Good work!"

In the movie-business, I imagine you get a lot of criticism, and expectations from all the hype for the movie that you're working on because the trailer makes it look like it's the next utopia of movies evar. If I worked in the movie-business, opening-night and every other night after that would be nerve-wracking. But maybe I'd be used to it by then and not take it personally.

But what about all that work you and your co-workers put in this project? Imagine if you were one of those who worked on Lord of the Rings and had to live on New Zealand for the majority of days for those years that it took to make it. What if it turned out shit and people hated it?

Then again, working on a set like that, you ought to have had a lot of fun and met a lot of people you enjoyed. (And/Or did not enjoy.) Poor hobbits though. Getting up at, what was it, 4.30 in the morning to get their feet done?

I'm derailing! This doesn't just apply to movies, after all. It applies to yes, movies, and also books, a piece of art, or something cool that your friend did. Though either your compliment will not reach the author, the director, the writer, the artist, it will get lost in all their endless fan-mail; or you are just too shy/chickenshit to tell your friends when they do awesome stuff... And while you are so happy and overwhelmed by the awesome they did, it's also kind of sad and very frustrating to not be able to tell them.

Just a feeling that I had about 5 minutes ago, is all.