Friday, 19 April 2013

First Post; Totally winging it

Okay... Got out of bed, that's a start. Going to draw after I've had my tea and lil' bread done. Can't draw on an empty stomach. And I better get stuff done - that Kia'ka poked me about her commission, asking how it's coming along... shiiiiiiiit. Le guilt.

So that's the first thing I'ma do. Colouring that bloody trollesse. Quick and painful. Then get that lil' pridegasm when I've finished.

Is amazing how many times I drew the same drawing over and over again yesterday, thinking "hey I got this anatomy thing DOWWWN!" ... and then kept fucking it up. So I'm hoping today will be better. I spend a lot of time just playing with the technique and making it look pretty, even if I'm going to cover it all with clothing anyway. Well, it's quite fun practise... anatomy... *smirk*