Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Point of It All

Drawing used to just be a part of fantasizing, that’s how I farted out so many sketches in colour and everything back in the day. Imagining scenes and stuff about the characters while I was drawing them. I focus way too much on making things look good and accurate now. It’s not fun. It’s become, not about fantasizing, but about DRAWING, like, the technique. Technique is fun but not what makes me want to draw.

What can I do to let go of technique and just sketch concepts again… for the fun of it, not to show off to anyone. How to let go of the stuff that makes me not wanna draw. It used to be so much fun, man. Like imagination-meditation!

Computers full of alternative entertainment definitely makes it trickier to focus. Maybe if I just didn’t turn on the computer and drew instead for half an hour a day, with music plugged into my ears, I’d get back into it?

It’s definitely worth a shot now and again.