Tuesday, 2 July 2013

One of those things I never wanted to deal with

There are many things I've hoped I'd never have to deal with when it comes to injuries and health, and one of them is to have some eye-condition that forces me to take eye-drops. But the day has come.

I went to the emergency-room because this eye has given me grief for weeks. Emergency-rooms take time. I must have been there for, what, three hours? I saw three people in that time, a nurse, then a doctor, then another nurse. The first nurse was very pleasant. The doctor was very unenthusiastic. (Could tell he just wanted to be done already and go home.) Then a third nurse who I thought would of known tears were pouring from my eye because it hurt, not because I was sad.
"Are you sad?" (Are you sure you work in the eye-department?) "... No, my eye hurts."

Final judgement: 5 eye-drops per day. (FIVE!! NOOOE.) Also apply salve to lower/inner eyelid. (I dunno what it's called, but it's that place between your eyelashes and poking your eye out.)

I'm going to be very badass and an expert on eye-drops at the end of the week, when I'm going back to the hospital a (WO)MAN, ready for anythin'! If I can take eye-drops, I can beat up a shark and I can also jump from air-planes. I'm going to eat these words later...